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Tuesday, January 4th, 2005
12:01 pm - it takes one to know one, kid, i think you've got it bad
so im back at school after a long drive listening to a snoring bevy and millencollin's "life on a plate" the whole way here. class starts today which blows...i had an amazing break which rules. im glad everyone had fun at my house, even though i wasnt there to get naked and do the wiener helicopter. my bday is coming up in two weeks and im gonna have a big pizza party at rusty's or deanos so be on the lookout.

my roommate was ripping ass all night and it woke me up several times, but it was completely worth it.

my mom got me four tickets to hearst castle for xmas...what the shit am i going to do with that?

current mood: nostalgic


Wednesday, December 8th, 2004
12:41 pm
01. name: kel
02. d.o.b.: january 20th, 1986
03. location: santa cruz,ca
04. religion: agnostic
05. occupation: student/monkey butler

01. hair: poop blonde
02. eyes: blue green gray
03. weight: 135
04. height: 5'11'

01. clothing: effeminate/gay/urban indie asshole
02. music: all kinds
03. make-up: none
04. body art: gay pride tattoo

01. wearing: collared shirt that isy got me, cord pants
02. listening to: The Arcade Fire
03. thinking of: finals

01. bought: last night's dinner: piece of pizza at pizza my heart
02. ate & drank: lemonade and oatmeal
03. read: livejournals and and George Bataille's "the Tears of Eros"
04. saw in theatres: Alexander i think

01. club or houseparty: houseparty...maybe a club, but aint never been
02. tea or coffee: coffee
03. achiever or slacker: half half
04. beer or cider: cider
05. drinks or shots: wine
06. cats or dogs: kitty cats
07. single or taken: taken by numerous chakarian babes
08. pen or pencil: pen
09. gloves or mittens: gloves
10. food or candy: food, unless it's sour patch kids
11. cassette or cd: cd
12. coke or pepsi: i dont like brown soda...kel loves orange soda
13. hard or mild alcohol: wine
14. matches or a lighter: lighter

01. kill: rosita
02. hear from: johannes
03. get really wasted with: dave
04. look like: napoleon dynamite, mark from step by step
05. be like: kel
06. avoid: my roommate
07. have sex with: beverly

01. touched: jean
02. talked to: my roommate
03. hugged: jean
04. instant messaged: parker
05. kissed: isy
06. who broke your heart: pepper

01. eat: dining hall, apartments, natural cafe, panda express, my house
02. dance: everywhere
03. cry: outside
04. wish you were: home

01. dated one of your best friends?: yes, am right now
02. loved somebody so much it makes you cry?: ahhhh maybay
03. drank alcohol?: maybay
04. done drugs?: special k
05. broken the law?: maybay
06. ran away from home?: nope
07. broken a bone?: both of my pinky toes are broken right now
08. cheated on a test?: yeah
09. skinny dipped?: yeah
10. played truth or dare?: yeah
11. flashed someone?: haha yeah
12. mooned someone?: definitely
13. kissed someone you didn't know?: nope
14. been on a talk show/game show?: haha i wish...i wanna go on price is right
15. been in a fight?: i tried to punch dave in 6th grade but he ducked and i punched dean wescott instead
16. ridden in a fire truck?: no
17. been on a plane?: tons
18. come close to dying?: yeah on the way home from SC the other day, nick mary's BF nailed the car in front of us
19. cheated on your boy/girlfriend?: no
20. gave someone a piggy back/shoulder ride?: yes
21. eaten a worm/mud pie?: haha yeah
22. swam in the ocean?: nooo, what am i some kind of pussy, of course i have
23. had a nightmare/dream that made you wake up?: yeah
24. had sex?: definitely

01. food?: too many to list
02. drink?: wine...chablis
03. color?: ultramarine
04. album?: too many to count...ive probably listened to propagandhi's "less talk more rock" more than any other
05. shoes?: converse
06. site?: ratemypoop.com
07. dance?: the napoleon dyno
08. song?: milllions
09. vegetable?: avocado
10. fruit?: mango
11. scent?: isy's hair

01. the most embarrassing CD in your collection?: well i have that aqua cd on my computer but the "kel please dont show thhis to anyone mix" is pretty embarrassing
02. your bedroom like?: arty and smelly
03. your favorite thing for breakfast?: crepes
04. your favorite thing for lunch?: pizza
05. your favorite thing for dinner?: titties
06. your favorite restaurant?: im a big fan of Kyoto
07. your most embarrassing moment?: being naked on countless occasions

01. a vegetarian?: yes
02. a good student?: apparently
03. good at sports?: im okay at frisbee frolf
04. wakeboarding/snowboarding.. etc?: i can do both
05. a good singer?: yes...definitely. and a great lyricist..."pussy ass rabbit walking down the street..."
06. a deep sleeper?: yes
07. a good dancer?: yes
08. shy?: half half
09. outgoing?: half half
10. a good storyteller?: okay
11. last words?: titty dump

current mood: anxious


Friday, October 22nd, 2004
12:48 am - tom cruise is illiterate...i swear to god he is
the new blood brothers is slightly disapointing but still ok, and the new moving units is just a whole lot of dance your pants off.

current mood: nostalgic


Wednesday, October 13th, 2004
1:05 pm - FREE CDs!!!!!
okay so i got a bunch of cds from this record sale that we put on for kzsc for a quarter each. problem is, as we all know, im not the biggest youthcrew/hardcore/metal fan ever sooooooooooo......

the first person to comment about this gets their choice of:

Turning Point - 1988-1991


Indecision - Release the Cure

and the second person gets the one left over if they want it....

and dan dan doesnt know about this yet, but a totally badass Unearth poster coming his way!!!!

ps: come to bev be gone IV friday and saturday night! its gonna be off da hook

current mood: anxious


Saturday, October 9th, 2004
8:53 pm - long in the pants, short in the wiener, suckin my muff like a vaccuum cleaner
A - Age : 18

B - Band listening to right now : One AM Radio

C - Career in future: Curator of a museum, teaching, art appraiser, or being totally queer.

D - Dad's name: Jimbob Shipley-Herbert

E - Easiest person to talk to: Isy Chakarian

F - Favorite song at the moment: Gravy Train - Nervous + Metric - Combat Baby

G - Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: Worms em effer because I am "the wormiest mother fucker" dan dan has ever seen, while jacob is the "slimiest"

H - Hometown: Goleta

I - Instruments: guitar and keyboards

K - Kids: yes. little cute ones with names that you'll hate.

L - Longest car ride ever: SB to New Mexico

M - Mom's name: Heavy Bevy and the Full Effect

N - Number of siblings: 4: Katie Shipley, Dave McPeters, Nick Cruz, and Mary Munoz

P - Phobia[s]: losing my glasses hahahaha

Q - Favorite Quote: "Scobaty bop bap powwwww" -The Scat Man

R - Reason to smile: Refer to answer E.

S - Song you sang last: Mountain Goats - Riches and Wonders

T - Time you wake up: 7-9

U - Unknown fact about me: I spent a summer in Sweden. and i was dropped down the stairs at age 1 by my baby sitter, and cracked my head open on the last stair.

V - Vegetable you hate: pickles

W - Worst habit: procrastination, nervousness

X - X-rays you've had: Jaw, Skull, foot when it was fractured

Y - Yummy food: Vegtable Chow Mein

z- zodiac sign: aquarius, or capricorn depending on what the source says.

right now, im wearing tight black leggings, a rash gaurd, and scuba goggles. sassy molassy. im going to an under the sea party. late.

current mood: effeminate???


11:37 am - bring boxed wine bring boxed wine bring boxed wine

friday and saturday night (week from yesterday)
george will be there if its the last thing i do

current mood: tired


Friday, September 24th, 2004
5:06 pm - yo yo yo thats a huge bitch
hey dawgs...i miss everyone pretty badly up here in santa lame, but its getting cooler. my classes are pretty cool. im taking two art history classes. 1) lower division class called "nude in the western tradition" pretty cool because there is a naked person in every painting/sculpture/etc that we look at...and man do i love nakedness. 2)upper division asian art class which is okay so far....and my third class is this one called "cultural identities and global consciousness" which everyone from my specific college has to take, which is sort of like a high school class with more reading. all in all im happy with them. but yeah i miss everyone like crazy, and hope some of you em effers visit me soon. okay, late playas

current mood: okay


Tuesday, September 21st, 2004
9:22 pm
my roommate wears tighty blackies

current mood: weird


Saturday, September 18th, 2004
3:01 pm - hella santa cruz kids say hella
yo niggas..i miss you all like crap. i'm lurking it up mad here by myself. the food is exquisite. I'm going into town soon. should be cool. anyways, you niggas should call me or email or send shit in the mail:

cell: 689-7085
room phone: (831) 502-1120
email: kshipley@ucsc.edu
Merrill College - UCSC
200 McLaughlin Drive #663
Santa Cruz, CA 95064

there are a lot of rad shops around SC so comment your adress and you'll get some poop in the mail from me.

at the very least prank call me?
and visit too

okay, stay mulatto,


Friday, August 27th, 2004
3:38 pm - broke his back, broke his legs
took a dump, took everything

i will go inside georges house if its the last thing i do. i need to see if the legends are true.

dans was fun last night. dave was being crazy and it ruled.

isys back on sunday and im reallllllllllly excited.

it blows that all the cc kids have to start school so soon haahahaahaha while i still have like a month to go. hehe suckers.

okay, garden state was really good. but i robot was better. who does the acoustic cover of such great heights? still have to see some other crap soon.

going to brunch with marisa, santa claus, and legendary rock icon david bowie, tomorrow. should rule.

im gonna volunteer at the ucsc radio station so one day ill have a show.

DFT, Kellen William Shipley Herbert Diahrea Chakarian

current mood: blank


Saturday, August 21st, 2004
1:31 pm - monkey farm
wuzup niggaaaaaaaas...ive been away from this lj playas club for a while cuz my nets been down. anyways, i havent been doing all that much poop lately. havent been seeing the dudes very much lately which is weird so hopefully will go back to normal soon. i have been kickin it a lot with dave and marisa and udda foools which has been cool. isy's been in hawaii for a week and i still have another to go. shit fuck balls pee. i miss her like hell, but yeah i cant wait till she gets back. im going to lake nascimento in a week or so for a few days, which should be cool. elanas leaving tomorrow for new york for like 5 months which blows. what the hell happened to george? oh yeah a few weeks before i leave, im gonna have a big going away dinner thing sorta like my bday at the natty cafe. ill keep you guys posted. i want to see garden state and open water and maria full of grace...haha and i robot too. poooooooop. relatively new cds that are really good: rilo kiley - more adventurous, the killers - hot fuss, beastie boys - to the 69 borroughs, taking back sunday. those are all really good. especially the bboys. ahhh i want to go to a good show. fuck. i want to see no warning. poop pee and a bag of diahrea. im leaviing on the 17th of next month. my roommates some guy from san fran named nikolaus, hopefully hes cool. come visit me, lataaaaaaaaa

current mood: okay


Monday, August 2nd, 2004
11:27 am - banana boobs

mother may i?

current mood: anxious


Sunday, August 1st, 2004
9:04 am - brass knuckle violence
so last night i saw m. night shyamalan's the village / (sssssshhhht). it was not as good as i expected at all. his worst film in opinion. unbreakable and sixth sense and the rest were much better. there were some cool twists and it had a good story but it was sorta boring, not scary, and it was more of a dramatic thriller than anything. it had all these lame comments on love that were just gaaaaaa. i did jump a little when it first showed the not scary weird bird, pig, bundle of sticks creatures. but i still had a good time sitting next to my somebody special. yeah and im talking about your mother, bitch.

later in the night i watched the dudes get blasted at winkles while i watched this movie jacob's ladder that was pretty good.

so i have about another month and 3/4 left in sb. which is sad but still have a lot of tme here. i want to make the best of it right now before i leave. i want to hang with everyone before i go. poooooooooooop.

lets go jump off that santa barbara shit again soon yeah? its been a few weeks.

heres a list of the bands i still have to see before i die: propagandhi, ladytron, belle and sebastian, wilco, the velvet teen, morrissey, sondre lerche, jurassic five, the cure, hot hot heat, the blood brothers, the decemberists, bright eyes, rilo kiley, circle takes the square, brand new, beastie boys, azure ray, desaprecidos, descendents, radiohead, coldplay, the strokes, air, boards of canada, death cab, postal service, the faint, they might be giants, the pixies, the streets, the unicorns, the flaming lips, and others. and by god i will see them all before i die.

current mood: tired


Wednesday, July 28th, 2004
11:21 am - titties to the left weiners to the right
The \\\\
Last Cigarette:this morning...marlboro light? too many lately
Last Alcoholic Drink:i had a glass of wine last night
Last Car Ride:i dropped isy off 20 minutes ago
Last Kiss:same as above
Last Good Cry:cant remember
Last Library Book:dave stole some vonnegut books from the school library for me
Last book bought:always running by Luis J. Rodriguez (for my cultural identities class)
Last Book Read:im reading king leopold's ghost (for the same class)
Last Movie Seen in Theatres:garfield beeyatch
Last Movie Rented:my boss's daughter...it was amazing
Last Cuss Word Uttered:tittiebitch
Last Beverage Drank:water
Last Food Consumed:toast
Last Crush:your mom
Last Phone Call:meetch last night
Last TV Show Watched:seinfeld
Last Time Showered:yestaday
Last Shoes Worn:lowtop converse
Last CD Played:Mirah - Advisory Committee
Last Item Bought:breakfast at garrets
Last Download:a Kill Me Tomorrow song
Last Annoyance:bev
Last Disappointment:cant remember
Last Soda Drank:i dont drink soda really but it was probably some fruit drink soda combo
Last Thing Written:note to dave about me bringing him coffee
Last Key Used:E
Last Words Spoken:"yes" in response to daves asking "do you still want to go running?"
Last Sleep:last night/this morning
Last Ice Cream Eaten:i had pinneapple sherbet at travi's house
Last Chair Sat In:im in my computer chair
Last Webpage Visited:livejournal....duuuuhhhh


current mood: good


Tuesday, July 27th, 2004
12:48 pm - Johhny DEEP.....in my ass
Would anyone want to bang you? by phobia
Favorite Food:
Wants to Bang you:
This many times:147
Quiz created with MemeGen!

current mood: content


Monday, July 26th, 2004
1:54 pm - thats a huge bitch
i couldnt be happier in my life right now.

mother of shit.
puke in ur overalls.
titties in an envelope?
farts in your air humidifier.
tampon popsickles in the freezer.
poopy boobs on the floor of jareds room.

anyways, things are good.
i wanna go jump that SB shit again soon.
ive been smokin too many cigs.
it's hot as diahrea in this town.
dave and meetch are playing ultimate frisbee right this minute.
no fucking joke.

current mood: cheerful


Friday, July 23rd, 2004
1:37 am - i always knew marchall was gonna steal my innocence

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current mood: complacent


Wednesday, July 21st, 2004
4:47 pm - mom your just jealous: IT'S THE BEESE-TEE-BOYS
Kick It!!

sup playas...my computadora has been broken like your mother's heart for a long time, but that shit's been stitched up like your asshole after a night with katie shipley.

so anyways fellas, i've been extremely happy lately. everything is going really well. i havent really been doing anything productive and i'm really happy about it. no job, no classes, nada. but ive been keeping busy jumping off high things into water, going to shows, hanging out with my friends and the beautiful isadora jenkins, watching movies, reading for class, and pooping and grating it and putting into salad and feeding it to daniel chun.

i got a ten gallon aquarium for me and isys fish. its badtastic. come by and check it dawgs.

im going to saves the poop and hot poop circuit tonight at the SLOW brewing company. itll be fuuuuuun. i hear they only play new songs, but guess what the new songs are good too so eff off.

P ex A ex R might be dead. i hope not. POOOOOOOOOOOP.

current mood: content


Sunday, June 20th, 2004
4:40 pm - there'd be no distance that could hold us back
sebastian you're in a mess.

sup fellas. i've been away from lj for a week or so and it feels weird so im gonna go back. its been a great summer so far...ive gone to the beach everyday for that last like 2 or more weeks except for yesterday. in otherwords, i am much tanner than your poop after eating mutton for a week straight. ive also been hanging out with greasy a lot which has been making me happy. i've also seen a new foreign or indy movie like everyday. among the favorites i saw were: the city of lost children, what time is it there?, run lola run, the dangerous lives of alterboys...and others...any movies to suggest to me?

we played at the biko the other night and it was a lot of fun. and it wouldnt have been a real pussy ass rabbit show if i didnt get a mouthful of piss in the middle of it. it was awesome. i hope we play somewhere else soon. im gonna write some new songs and just make it better.

i also saw versailles in pismo yesterday and it was an awesome show. good job dudes. good job dan dan and both travises on the blood for blood cover.

ive barely seen fabian and geoff this summer. i miss those dudes. and george, where the fuck is he? lets do his house really soon.

oh and listen: im going to santa cruz sometime early next week, like monday or tuesday, to lurk around up there and see what it has for me in the fall, and look at the specific college ill be living in. who wants to come with me? i dont have any lame orientation or any bullshit to sit through. i think we'd just be there for the day and then come back at night or maybe sleep in the car there. so let me know if you wanna come, cuz i dont want to uberlurk it there by myself. class of 2004, need i say more?

current mood: okay


Tuesday, June 15th, 2004
9:15 am
yo yo yo. dave got an lj! it's:


add him or he'll kick your teeth in. i swear he will. i added him, and he kicked my teeth in anyways for having an overweight mom.

current mood: cheerful


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